How to tell if your child is being bullied online

What you need to know about online bullying.If your child’s social media profiles are peppered with offensive comments, bullying and hate speech, it’s a clear sign of online bullying, according to a new study.The study from the University of Michigan found that children who were bullied online were also more likely to have negative reactions […]

Why Christmas is more than just a movie, video game, and comic book holiday

Christmas is coming and I’ve got no idea how it will go.We are all looking forward to it with a great deal of anticipation.We hope that we will all be able to enjoy the holidays and make memories together.There is nothing quite like it and even though I’m not quite sure why, it’s a lot […]

How to Get Your Online Gamers Online without Using VPNs

A new report from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is a group of internet companies and standards bodies that is tasked with developing standards to make the web more secure, shows that most websites are not secure and vulnerable to cyber attacks, and that there is an increasing trend of sites relying on […]