Nintendo says it will shut down its online games online

The Nintendo of America has confirmed that it will stop providing online games to its online service, but won’t shut down the entire service.

The company says it is “not shutting down any of our games,” but is “committed to ensuring the best online experience possible for our customers.”

The Nintendo Online Store has more than 2 billion downloads per month, and has been the company’s largest revenue generator for the past three years.

It is owned by Nintendo of Japan, but runs independently of the company.

Nintendo’s online service has long had trouble maintaining its online presence, and was hit with a federal antitrust investigation in 2015.

The investigation was reopened in June of this year after the Justice Department revealed that the company had allowed its online business to fall behind competitors.

The company’s online gaming service is part of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, which is the world’s largest handheld console.

The 3DS, which has a 3D touchscreen and a 3GB memory chip, also has a video game system called the NX that is designed to offer a variety of online gaming experiences, but is limited to a single online game at a time.