VR games: The battle over online games is about to get tough

Online games have become the battleground for online video game communities.

And as the battle over what’s in the online gaming market heats up, one game developer is fighting to protect his business model.

In a report on Wednesday, the Globe and Mail detailed the struggles of two Canadian game developers.

The battle over how much to charge online games has already heated up in recent weeks.

The Canadian Press reports the two developers, who have previously worked together on games such as World of Warcraft and Minecraft, are battling over fees for online games.

Online game developers have faced increasing competition from virtual reality.

While VR has been touted as a solution to a lack of game sales in the U.S., some argue the technology is not ready for mass-market play.

Last year, Valve, a virtual reality software company, announced a virtual-reality headset called Steam VR, which allows gamers to walk around a virtual world and play video games with others.

But that’s just the beginning.

In December, Oculus VR, the maker of the Oculus Rift, announced its own virtual-world experience called Crescent Bay, which includes a virtual theater, a shopping cart, and a virtual playground.

With virtual-gaming headsets like Crescent Bay coming to market, some argue there is room for both companies to survive.

In a recent blog post, John Leong, co-founder of The Escapist Studios, wrote: “As virtual reality continues to expand, we’re also seeing a number of smaller companies, including The Escampers, launching their own products and services.”

Leong told the Globe he thinks The Escapers is still the only major game developer to survive online gaming.

In fact, he said that while the Escapist had been on the brink of bankruptcy, the company was able to survive due to a combination of the Escapists large staff and a $500 million Series A investment in Oculus VR.

“If The Escacers hadn’t made that investment, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” Leong said.

In the meantime, the Escamper is continuing to thrive and is expanding into new markets.

The Escaper’s website lists over 10,000 employees, including a video-game developer and a video game publisher.

The Escapist has also begun making money through online gaming by charging people to play their games.

Leong told The Globe that his company was working with the SteamVR startup to launch a new service that would let players pay to play virtual-game content.

In December, the games publisher Ubisoft announced it was investing $500,000 to help launch a gaming platform called Ouya, which aims to create a more affordable, online video-gaming platform.

Ouya is designed to be a home for all video-games.

The company is also working to launch its own online-games platform, Ouya Games, which will offer titles from companies like Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. in a new way.

The new platform will launch with games for the PC and mobile platforms, with more titles expected to be released in the future.

Ouyanas founder Benoit Legrand told the Associated Press that the platform will provide more ways for people to create their own games and to share them with others around the world.

“We’re looking forward to the day that we’re not limited to just those of us who own a console, and we’re able to create our own experiences for people,” Legrand said.

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