Video game sales on PlayStation and Xbox plummet by 6% as online games drop by 6%, according to Bloomberg

By BRIAN MAHONEY and ALEXANDER POTTERAP | APRIL 05, 2019 11:33:26Online video games are on the decline and are down 6% year-over-year, according to data from the online video game market research firm SuperData.

That’s the second consecutive quarter that video game sales have plummeted, according the firm.

SuperData, which has tracked online sales since 2011, said online sales dropped 6.3% in the first quarter of 2018, the first time since the recession that it has declined as much as this year.

Video game players have increasingly used social media, where they share videos and videos with friends, and have a greater need to stay connected with each other and with one another in real-time, according for SuperData and other market researchers.

Online video game purchases have grown faster than in other categories, especially among people age 30-49, according SuperData data.

Superdata estimates that online video games accounted for more than half of all gaming spending in the United States in 2019, up from about one-third in 2016.

While online video sales are down, the number of gamers has grown, according with SuperData’s estimates.

SuperStats said in a research note on Tuesday that video games on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have experienced the biggest declines.

“The PlayStation 4 is down by 7.7% year over year, while the Xbox One is down 3.5%.”

While there is some potential for the PlayStation to return to its long-term growth, it has yet to prove itself in this environment.”