New Nintendo 3DS software will be playable on Nintendo 3ds

The latest news from Nintendo and the 3DS console business.

Read moreThe latest news about Nintendo and 3DS, including what you need to know about the system’s software, comes from Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime, who said at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Anaheim that the company will be rolling out the new 3DS online and offline for the first time this year.

Nintendo has also announced that the 3D console will have its own app that can stream games to your smartphone or tablet, which means you’ll have access to all of your favourite games on the go without ever needing to download a separate app to play them.

That app will be called Mario Maker, which is expected to launch this fall.

Fils-aime told reporters that Nintendo’s online offerings will be “really, really good” compared to the last-generation Nintendo DS, which had its own online service.

He said Nintendo is currently “thinking about what that is going to be,” but the company is not sure yet.

He said that Nintendo has “no doubt” that its online offerings are better than those offered by the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Apple.

Fels-aire said that the Nintendo 3D online services will be different than the one used by Microsoft and Sony, and that Nintendo is “looking forward to seeing what they do”.

Nintendo has a history of making its online services better than competitors’ offerings.

Earlier this year, the company launched its online video service for the Wii U, allowing users to stream videos from Nintendo 3DO games to the Nintendo Switch console, which will also be able to play Nintendo 3-D games.

Nintendo also announced this month that it will release a Wii U game called Mario Kart 8 on the 3-DS eShop this summer.

It will be available for $29.99.

Nintendo is currently in the process of introducing its new home console, the 3rd-generation Wii U. It has been designed with the Wii and 3-Ds in mind, and it is expected that the system will have some of the most robust 3-ds software currently available on a 3-to-4-year-old console.