Minecraft: Mojang launches its first mobile app

A new Minecraft game is coming to the Apple App Store and the mobile platform from Mojang.

The app, called Minecraft: Mobile, will be available for download from the App Store in Australia on September 15, according to the Minecraft app description on Apple’s App Store page.

It will feature the ability to “play, build, craft, trade and explore in real time”, and will also include a “special mode for Minecraft that will allow you to take part in the Minecraft community.”

The game will launch on the App store on September 17.

It is priced at $3.99 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and $7.99 on the Apple Watch.

A Minecraft game for Apple devices is already available in the App Stores for iOS, Android and Windows.

A Mojang spokesperson said the game was designed for “people of all ages” and that it would be available “in all countries and regions”.

The app will be free to download from Apple’s online store.