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A new game called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first in a series of titles from the game maker Nintendo that will allow you to explore the world of Hyrule and its surrounding mountains.

It’s the first time we’ve seen an open world Zelda game in this way, and it’s also a huge step forward for the series.

We’ve played Breath of Wild and its follow-up Breath of Fire, and we’re eager to see how the next game will take advantage of that open world, with a new map, new creatures and new gameplay elements.

You play as Link, a young boy who travels to Hyrule to rescue Princess Zelda, who is being held captive by a Dark Spirit, and she is being pursued by a large evil army.

This is the third Zelda game, and one of the biggest success stories in the franchise.

The Legend is the title of a game series that started as a series for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with the first game released in 1987, and continued on with other titles such as Majora’s Mask and Majora, and the Legend of the Seven Stars, which was released on the Nintendo DS and later the Wii in 2014.

In the first Zelda game called Link’s Awakening, Link travels to the mysterious land of Termina to rescue Zelda from the Dark Spirit.

This was the first open world game, but the next one was Breath of Time.

This time, the story of Link’s journey begins in Hyrule Castle Town.

The world of Terminas is an immense land of lush forests and ancient ruins, filled with secrets and hidden treasures.

In Breath of Breath of Life, the player is the king of Terminos, and he’s tasked with saving his people from a dark threat.

Zelda has the power to travel the world in Link’s shoes, to see its beauty and wonder, and to learn about the people who live here.

In this Zelda game you’ll also be able to see some of the most iconic moments in the series, including Link’s battle against Ganon, who will one day return to the game.

We played Breath Breath of Light, and in that game you can visit Hyrule in the game’s early stages.

Link is searching for Princess Zelda in this area.

You’ll be able see the original Hyrule, and also the original locations like Hyrule Temple, and even see the ruins of the Lost Woods.

You can also visit various locations like Skyloft and the Fountain of Winds, where Link will discover the first of his many adventures.

We’re looking forward to how the game will use these early parts of Zelda’s adventure, but we’re also excited about the new ways that it will change the game world.

Link can enter a new area, called the Twilight Realm, and there you’ll see new creatures, including a flying pig.

You have to travel to the Twilight Ruins and defeat Ganon to find the true power of the Dark Goddess.

It looks like there will be some more challenges, but there are also some big opportunities to explore new areas.

This new area will be the first part of a new main story, and this is also the first place that Link will be able experience the power of Breath.

Zelda will also be the main protagonist of the game, with Link also being the hero of the main story.

The Zelda games have always had a great story, with an emphasis on the friendship between Link and Zelda, which is something that’s been so popular in the video game genre.

Zelda Breath of a Wild is set to be the fourth in the Zelda series, and will follow up on the success of Breath and Breath of Wind.

The story is being told in two parts, one before and one after the events of Breath, with all of the events taking place within Hyrule.

In one part, Link meets Zelda in Hytopia, where he has the ability to use Breath to travel between worlds, as well as the ability and knowledge of a Link to find other Link.

This part of the story is set in a new era, as we will see Link fighting enemies in new places and finding new treasures and artifacts.

The third part of The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker is also set in Hyopia, and takes place after Link has defeated Ganon.

In that part, we will also see some new places, like Sky Temple and Hyrule Forest, as Link travels back to the past.

The final part of this Zelda trilogy will be called Breath of Adventure.

This will take place after the game has finished its story and it has been decided that Link can go back in time and defeat Zelda.

This Zelda game will be set in the time of Hytopia.

In it, Link will have to rescue the princess Zelda from Ganon’s army, and they will battle to save the world.

The game will also include the option to have Link play

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