When Twitter will shut down the #AskReddit account

Posted November 21, 2018 11:08:33A year ago today, the company shut down its entire Twitter app in a bid to tackle a string of security breaches that compromised the personal information of millions of people.

In the past two months alone, the site has experienced multiple hacks and attacks that have taken down Twitter accounts and accounts associated with its advertising, content, and analytics businesses.

The company has made several improvements to its security protocols, but has been unable to solve all the problems, said one person familiar with the matter.

“It has become an increasingly challenging challenge to defend against these attacks,” said the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing efforts to secure Twitter.

“They are persistent, and it is only getting worse.”

The company’s security efforts have been met with mixed reviews from those who used the site.

The company has also been hit by negative press, including a public relations disaster when it was revealed that its CEO had lied to the press about the scale of his company’s cybersecurity efforts.

In an effort to combat the threat, Twitter has released a set of recommendations for security professionals.

Twitter says that it is working on ways to protect against new security vulnerabilities, but there are no specific plans to close down its social media app.

It will continue to offer a way to interact with the site’s users and the company says it will continue working to improve the security of its social network.

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