How the GOP could be saved: Trump is the GOP’s only hope to save its brand

Donald Trump is still the GOP nominee.

But that doesn’t mean he is the only one who could save the party from the inevitable loss of control over its image and influence.

That, at least, is the conclusion of two recent studies.

The first was conducted by the conservative political research group Project Veritas, which conducted a poll on the 2016 election and found that only 33 percent of Republicans wanted to see the GOP retake the House in 2018, while 54 percent said the same thing about the GOP Senate.

The second, conducted by an independent research firm called Pew Research, found that 56 percent of GOP voters wanted Trump to win the White House, while just 28 percent wanted to keep it.

The former was surprising.

Republicans are generally more conservative than the general public, so they’re likely to want the GOP to be more moderate.

And many voters don’t have a problem with Trump’s style of governing, which is more focused on winning the House and the Senate and getting things done, as opposed to making deals with Democrats.

So, even if the GOP doesn’t get the House, it would still be the party of Trump.

Trump won the popular vote in 2016 by nearly 3 million votes, but he still lost the presidency to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

And the fact that the GOP can’t make a big splash in the House while Trump remains the nominee is worrisome.

The party is stuck with a brand that has become increasingly toxic.

But if Trump were to lose in 2020, Republicans would still have control over the House.

And if Trump lost in 2020 and the GOP did not have a House majority in the 2018 midterm elections, Trump would be the GOP president-elect, which means the party could still control the House if the president-exchange party did not pick up the seats in 2018.

The Republican Party is still in a position where it can win only one House majority and still get a House vote on legislation, though.

The Democrats’ biggest hope would be to pass legislation that would give the GOP control of the House over a short period of time.

This would make it much easier for Republicans to control the Senate, as well as to block Trump’s agenda.

The only way for the party to do this would be for Republicans not to nominate Trump.

But Trump has shown he can do this, and he is willing to do it.

A new poll by YouGov found that 46 percent of Republican voters said they would vote for a Trump candidate, which puts him on track to get the nomination.

He’s also on track for a good showing among younger voters, which could be enough to win him the presidency.

In the new YouGov poll, 57 percent of Trump supporters said they supported his policies, while only 33 and 17 percent of Democrats, respectively.

If Trump were nominated and the party won both chambers, he would win the presidency in 2020 by just one more electoral vote.

If he loses in 2020 to Democrat Doug Jones, it could still be close enough for the Republicans to retain control of Congress.

But, if Jones wins, Republicans can still try to make it through 2018 with a Republican in the White house.

If they lose, the Republicans would need to try to get Democrats to support legislation that could block Trump from being able to become president.

The fact that Republicans are so weak that they can’t even pass a healthcare bill without Democrats supports the idea that the party is more in control of its image than the public realizes.

And that could hurt the party’s chances in the 2020 election.

For the first time in more than a decade, Democrats have an advantage in the polls.

Polls show that, on average, Republicans are winning in the election, which suggests that Trump’s unpopularity may have already started to hurt them in the electoral college.

But even with the GOP having a better than 50 percent chance of winning the presidency, it still may not be enough for Republicans.

The GOP is now in a worse position than it was before the election.

And it’s getting worse.

The poll that YouGov conducted showed that 36 percent of Americans said that they think the GOP should go back to being a “regular party.”

And 36 percent said that the Republican Party would lose the Senate in 2020.

If the GOP had a Democratic Senate majority, it may still be able to block a Trump presidency.

But the fact is that Republicans still have no real chance of holding the Senate.

In 2020, Democrats will need to win two seats in the Senate to take back the majority.

They could lose one or both of those seats.

That would be enough if the Democrats pick up three seats.

But they are not expected to do so.

And a Senate majority would only take a Republican to the Whitehouse, meaning that if Trump is not nominated, the GOP still could not take back control of both houses of Congress in 2020 without a Republican president.

And there is little hope that the Senate will be able either.

The latest Pew poll found that 49 percent of people thought

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