Which games online are hacked?

A new survey from comScore reveals that more than one in four online games are hacked.

The survey, which was conducted from July to October, also found that 61 percent of all online games have been compromised.

That’s up from 53 percent in June, when comScore began asking about the issue.

ComScore’s findings come after a report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that said the number of hacked games is up by nearly 50 percent in 2016.

That same report found that online games can be hacked for up to $50.comScore also found a spike in online game theft and piracy.

That means if a thief steals the games files, it’s much easier for others to do the same, said Matt O’Brien, comScore’s senior vice president of research.

That’s a problem, O’Briensaid.

“The more people who download those games, the more likely it is that they’re going to have an effect on the integrity of the game,” he said.

“Hackers have access to the data that goes into the games,” O’Brainsaid.

And that data is valuable, and if you don’t protect it, it can be stolen.

“It’s a concern for the Electronic Entertainment Association, which has a “Hacking the Internet” campaign and wants to make sure that the technology that allows us to play online games is secure.

But comScore found that the real culprits in hacking online games aren’t the criminals who take advantage of a loophole in security, but the people who are using the system in the first place.