How to Play a Game on Android without using the Google Play Games app

Google has removed the Google Android app from the Play Store, with the reasoning being that it doesn’t provide users with a way to download games.

As part of the move, Google has also removed all Android apps that had been linked to games on the Play store.

This includes Google Play’s Android Game Launcher, which was a mainstay of the platform for more than a decade. 

“Google Play Games offers a unique platform for developers to connect with players and monetise their games with advertising,” said a Google spokesperson in a statement.

“The Google Play games app doesn’t offer this functionality.

This is a decision we made because we believe the Google play games app does not offer a useful, integrated experience for users, and that it is no longer useful for developers.”

The removal of the app is the latest in a series of changes that Google has made since launching the Android platform in March 2015.

It is the second major overhaul to the platform, following its announcement in January that Google would not be adding any new features to the Android operating system.

Google has also said that it will continue to focus on “core features” that are “essential” for developers and will not make any major changes to Android.

“Android is the only smartphone operating system where we can build new features, add new functionality, and take advantage of the tremendous developer community and vast pool of software available on the platform,” Google said in a blog post at the time.

“Developers will be able to continue to create awesome games for Android and the platform will continue growing and improving.”

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