What games can we play online with your gay friends?

A group of gay gamers in India have come up with an online game called “Gay Games Online”.

This video game has been downloaded by over 1.5 million users, making it one of the most popular gay gaming apps on the app store.

In the video, a group of friends are chatting about their gay adventures online.

When a gay gamer asks a question about a gay game, he/she is greeted by a voiceover explaining the game is based on a popular Japanese video game franchise called “Tales of Berseria”.

The gamer is asked to select the “favorite” game, then click “Go”.

The user’s friends and family members can then come to the gamer’s house to play the game with him/her.

While the game itself is not particularly gay-themed, it is clearly not for everyone.

This game is not for everybody, however.