Pope Francis apologizes for ‘misleading’ church’s online chess program

The Pope has apologized for a Church-run chess program that appeared to be misleading.

Francis said Sunday he would work to stop the program from being used again.

The program had previously been widely reported by news organizations and led to accusations that some players were paid by government officials.

“Today, I am deeply ashamed of what I have seen in the past,” Francis told a gathering of Catholics in St. Peter’s Square, which is near the Vatican.

The pope told the assembled bishops that he will work to change the Church’s online programs, saying they were based on outdated technology.

He said the program was aimed at providing instruction on chess, but it “did not go far enough” to give people the necessary tools to become better chess players.

Francis also promised to improve the way the Church organizes the world’s chess community.

He promised that “more will be done in the future to bring it to a more modern level.”

The program, known as the Chess Institute of the Holy See, was created in 2003 and initially had its headquarters in St Peter’s Basilica.

It had expanded to include other religious institutions as well as colleges and universities.

The Church has since closed down the program and is now based in Washington.

Francis told the bishops that his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, was also responsible for the program, which was not approved by the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

Francis has repeatedly said that Benedict XVI was not responsible for its creation.

He also said that he hoped Benedict would continue to do so.

Francis’ remarks came in the same week that the Vatican announced that the bishops will meet on Monday to begin the process of making a new pope.

Francis, who will take over as the pontiff in January, is scheduled to travel to Argentina, where he is expected to make his first public appearance as pope in more than three decades.

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