I want to know if this game is really safe to play, say gamers

In the video above, the young woman is asked if she would be comfortable playing a game like Naruto Online with someone she has never met before.

She responds with a yes.

The video is a reaction to the recent report that a Japanese video game called Naruto Online was not only a danger to players but to children.

The game has been banned in the US and Japan and is banned in India and several other countries.

It is banned for boys aged 11 to 15, but is widely available to girls aged 8 to 10.

The problem is that Naruto Online is widely accessible to young girls, who often play the game alone.

The issue is that some of the characters in the game are meant to be played with the hand and fingers, not with the keyboard and mouse.

The hand-and-finger game is called Naruto-kun (Naruto, the Ninja) and is used by the Japanese people to call a person by their nickname.

The people playing the game have called it Naruto-chan (Narute), which translates as “I love you”.

The character who calls the player by the nickname is called Akatsuki, which is pronounced as “ak-bah-zah” in Japanese.

Naruto Online is banned across India and other countries, including India.

In India, a person can only call a character by the name Naruto or the name of the village they are from.

In China, it is a crime to call someone by their name or the names of their family.

The game was banned in Japan in 2014, but the country has since reinstated the game and many people are now playing it.

The problem is, the Japanese government says that Naruto is safe for children and young people.

The government has also announced that the game will be removed from shelves in India, although the ban is likely to last for several more months.

The report says that while Naruto Online can be played safely, there are some issues with the game that make it not appropriate for young people and adults.

The report points out that there is no indication that it is any kind of sex game, but that some users use the game to attract women.

There are also suggestions that some characters are meant for boys, but in the real world, Naruto is not for boys and girls.

The video concludes with the following warning:The report also points out the fact that the video shows the Japanese version of the game, which includes a lot of violence, including graphic scenes and some sexual content.

The girl is also asked if the character Akatsuki will be available to play with a girl from her village, but she replies that Akatsuki is not available in her village.

It was later revealed that Akashi is meant to refer to Naruto’s village in Japan, but it was not clear whether the video was referring to the actual game.

According to a Facebook page set up by the Saravanan Foundation, Saravanani, a Japanese charity, was created to provide support to young people who play Naruto online and has been running the video since September.

The Saravanans are currently raising funds to buy new monitors and software to make the videos more accurate.

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